Garage Clearance

cap-ABLE, reli-ABLE, depend-ABLE

Clearance services you can depend on

Got a garage or garden shed full of rubbish?

Whether you are planning an extension, reusing wasted space, or just needing a good clear out, the first step is to get rid of the junk.

There’s no garage or garden shed we can’t tackle – we will get down difficult pathways, through the garden, through rear gates or side gates and get to work. If necessary we will go through the house.

Don’t lift a finger – we bag it up and take it away!

  • Not sure about access? We will sort it out – just tell us when you call
  • Worried about the dust and dirt? If we come through the house we put sheets down throughout to catch as much as possible, and we always clean up afterwards – including sweeping the paths and driveway
  • Don’t know what to do with all the stuff that’s in there? We will sort the junk from the treasures, take away the rubbish, recycle and reuse whatever we can

Our clearance services will leave your property spotless.